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    Every booth we provide is supplied with acoustic foam as standard but now you can upgrade from foam to our acoustic panels. Why upgrade? Whilst acoustic foam is great and can achieve great results, our acoustic panels are made to measure for our booths. They also provide around 25% more efficiency for acoustic treatment.
  • DW Series Session Booth

    Our Double Wall Session Booth offers great value for applications with exterior noise problems. Acoustically designed with double thickness walls to isolate exterior noise, the DW series features our unique quad-acoustic glass in the door, acoustic panels to ensure a tight sound, LED downlight, RGBW ambient lighting and active ventilation.
  • Need a complete recording solution? The Session Booth Voiceover Bundle is a complete recording package, simply connect up a laptop or computer and you're ready to record. Our bundle includes an award winning RODE microphone to ensure a clean, quiet and crisp sound, industry standard Beyerdynamic headphones which are super comfy for even the lengthiest sessions, the SSL 2 mic premap and USB recording interface. SSL is renowned for world leading preamps and digital converters.